Network Security Appliance

Insight makes inside secure

Yes, we give you dense network security service.

Real-time global threat map

For more reliable monitoring in an increasingly fast network environment, you need to have a more accurate and faster throughput system.
PIZZLY has 100% detection rate at maximum performance regardless of packet size. It displays real-time global threat maps and monitors and displays many types of events.

Multi-Function FPGA Board

High Performance FPGA Board

Powerful Security Engine
Scalable Packet Classification

Broad compatibility

Pizzly offers variable high performance FPGA boards (Maximum 100GBE) for Network/Security vendors along with appliances.
Moreover, it is intended to work on PCIe slots of Intel server motherboards by employing highly integrated, highly efficient 14 layer design. This gives Pizzly FPGA board high compatibility.

AI Platform

AI•FPGA based CTI Provider

Intelligent automatic prevention system based on AI neural network

Intelligent automatic
prevention system

It is an intelligent prevent system of automatic circulation structure that collects suspicious packets and files flowing through the network and applies it to the network security system after "true positive/false positive Identification of malicious code" through fine learning based on AI neural network.

Research & Develop

World-class R&D competitiveness

Developed by harmoniously linking the technology transfer of core technology elements with the general technology in possession